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I’m done for now, i’ll work on going through the episodes i have on my computer or something another time to get screen shots for some of these confessions, but i have a lot of Law homework this weekend. Bye! I’ll try not to forget about this blog again…again.

xo- AS

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I’m a horrible co-owner. I am pretty sure i have told AM about 100 times in the past month or so that I would come on here and make confessions that are in our submissions, then i just completely forgot I had this blog. So i am going to make a few and what have you.

xo- AS

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Anonymous whispered, "You have horrible confessions. I hope your "pan am confessions" only speak for yourself, because they are horrible, and should not speak for the whole pan am community."

We almost never make out own confessions. 90+% of these are submitted confessions. So unfortunately for you, they do speak of members of the PanAm Community.  But that’s okay, because if you don’t agree, Submit your own!

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